Dear friends!

Every year millions of school leavers have to decide on their future. Many of them seriously scrutinize a possibility to go on with their studies in Russia. Some decide so because their parents studied in this country and have bright recollections of their youth spent in Russia. Some are willing to join their friends who currently are successfully pursuing their studies here. Some have arrived at this decision on their own initiative,- attracted by the grand opportunities of getting high-level education meeting the strictest international standards. Whatever the reason may be, any of them will need serious and reliable information on the life and education in Russia. If this is your case, you are welcome to this site!

Working at this site, we proceeded with an assumption that any person needs a helping hand, a guide, an adviser. We hope this site and our Company may become such a friend for you. Here you will find practically everything foreign applicants willing to come to Russia to continue their education need to know, regardless of their country in the world. Acquaintance with the local laws, educational system and way of life will help you adapt yourself in the country avoiding some unpleasant situations. The service is guaranteed by our long-time experience in private and state educational organizations.

As you can make sure, materials are presented in an unbiased impartial way. We are not inclined to force on you our opinion regarding different institutions and programs. Our aim is to provide you with a complete set of reliable information which will be helpful in making an appropriate choice. If such a choice has been made, we are ready to represent your interests in all contacts with the appropriate institution, accept responsibility for the proper documentation and take care of all issues connected with your arrival in Russia and further adaptation in the country.

We do hope that trust relationship between the applicant and our Company will assist you in making the right choice that will never disappoint you. We would like to believe these relations would keep on in the future as well, because after having been enrolled in a Russian higher education establishment with our assistance, you will need our support during your studies too. Each of our students can always apply for help of an employee of our Company.

In the year 2002 during the first year of our Company's existence we helped students from 11 countries to be admitted to different programs of the Russian higher education establishments. We hope you will join us in the near future. And may your desire to become a highly qualified expert in your selected field come true.
We wish you success on this way!
Best Regards,

Staff of the Contemporary Educational Programmes.



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