Novgorod State University
The University Structure and Specialisations Offered

The University Structure and specialisations offered

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Institute of Medical Education
Faculty of Medical Sciences:
- General Medicine (MD)
Faculty of Stomatology:
- Stomatology
Faculty of Pharmacy:
- Pharmacy
Faculty of Nurse Higher Education:
- Nursing

Institute of Humanities
Faculty of History:
- History
Faculty of Philosophy:
- Philosophy
Faculty of Philology:
- Philology
- Journalism
Faculty of Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication:
- Theoretical and Applied Linguistics,
Faculty of Low:
- Low

Institute of Continuous Pedagogical Education
Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy:
- Pedagogy and Psychology
Faculty of Infant Pedagogy and Psychology:
- Pedagogy and Methods of Elementary Education
Faculty of Arts and Technology:
- Technology and Entrepreneur Activity
- Musical education
- Fine Arts and Drawing

Institute of Economics and Administration
Faculty of Economics:
- Commerce
- Production Management and Economics
- Agricultural Production
- Management and Economics
Faculty of Finance:
- Financial Accounting and Credit
- Finance and Credit
Faculty of Administration:
- Management
- Land Cadastre
Faculty of Agricultural Production Technology:
- Agronomy and Agricultural Production Technology
- Technology of Storage and Processing of Plant Products
- Zootechnics
- Veterinary Science
- Forestry and Park Keeping
Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization:
- Agricultural Mechanization
Faculty of Biology:
- Biology
Faculty of Chemistry and Environmental Science:
- Environmental Science
- Chemistry
- Geography

Engineering Faculties of University
Faculty of Mathematics and Information Sciences:
- Applied Mathematics and Information Sciences
- Mathematics
- Computing Software
Faculty of Physics and Technology:
- Physics
- Electronics and Micro-electronics
- Radio Engineering
- Electronic Equipment Design and Technology
- Radio-Physics and Electronics
- Engineering in Medical/Biological Practice
Faculty of Engineering and Technology:
- Technology, Equipment, and Automation of Machine Building Production
- Vehicles and Servicing Facilities
- Heat-and-Power Engineering
Faculty of Architecture, Fine Arts and Construction:
- Architecture
- Architectural Environment Design
- Artistic Material Processing Technologies
- Design
- Design and Modelling
- Industrial and Civil Construction
- Urban Construction and Municipal Services


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