I.A.Q. or Interestingly Asked Questions

Students want to know everything. But sometimes their knowledge of Russia is limited by myths and prejudices. That is why besides Frequently Asked Questions, there are also very interestingly given ones. Here we put some of interesting questions of our applicants. We hope, that this page will please you and, despite of humorous answers, you will not hesitate to ask about problems exciting you.

- I have a few questions concerning my accommodation at the University such as: Is there furniture in the room? Is it supplied with a mattress?
An applicant from the USA

Choose the right answer:

  • The university offers to international students accommodation in a tent camp, each tent is equipped by furnace and by handmade benches.
  • Each international student of the University is provided with an empty room in a hostel, which he/she has to repair at his/her own expense.
  • Each international student of a university is provided with completely furnished room in a hostel, including all necessary for residing and study. The student is also provided with bedding.

- I am going to take clinical electives in December-January period… I am concerned that the weather at that time would mean I would not get much opportunity to walk around Moscow and take in the sights i.e. would I just be snowed in? Is there much social activity I could engage in over this period in Moscow?
A student of an Australian university

Choose the right answer:

  • In wintertime because plenty of snow and creeping out from a forest of frozen bears, business and social activity stop in Moscow. Theatres, restaurants and museums are closed. Universities also stop the work. That's why international students are spending all the time in a hostel, and native students earn for their studying and living by hunting for bears.
  • In wintertime work of all social services is very complicated in Russia. Theatres, restaurants and museums are closed and accept visitors if only they work for one day, clearing away approaches to institutions and preparing firewood for heating. Universities go into remote training. That's why students will spend all three winter months in a hostel and never see the teachers.
  • Despite of cold weather and snow in winter all social services continue to work in their usual way. Students perform their studies according to the traditional curriculum and in January take examinations.

You are welcome to ask an IAQ from your own.



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