State Research Centre of the Russian Federation
Institute For Biomedical Problems

Institute for Biomedical problems was founded in October 1963 on the initiative by the outstanding scientists S.P. Koroleov and M.V. Keldysh for biomedical support of space flights. Througout its history the Institute was headed by leading experts in physiology, space biology and medicine: A.V. Lebedinsky, Full Member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, V.V. Parin, Full Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, O.G. Gazenko, Full Member of the Academy of Sciences of Russia, who made a significant contribution to the progress of national cosmonautics. In 1994 the Institute obtained the status of the State Scientific Centre of the Russian Federation (SSC-IBMP).

SRC-IBMP is responsible for:

  • Performance of fundamental and applied scientific-research, experimental-design and technological activities in the various areas.
  • Training and retraining of highly qualified researchers, post-graduate course inclusive, in the field of aviation, space and sea medicine and safety, protection, rescue of and life-support to people under emergency conditions.

Over 400 investigators, among them 46 doctors of sciences and 192 candidates of sciences work at SRC-IBMP. The Institute includes:

  • 17 scientific research divisions;
  • Chief Designer's Department;
  • auxiliary departments.

Scientific developments made by the Institute's experts and with their direct participation in medical support contributed greatly to successful performance of prolonged expeditions (with the more than 1 year duration inclusive) aboard orbital stations "SALYUT" and "MIR", as well as all multinational expeditions with foreign astronauts.
The Institute has its own laboratory test facilities with unique hardware.
Currently SRC-IBMP is contributing to the following promising scientific programs and projects:

  • Federal Space Program of Russia;
  • Scientific-technological program to solve key biomedical problems;
  • Federal scientific program "Health of the Peoples of Russia";
  • Federal scientific-technological program "Environmental Safety of Russia";
  • Multinational project "BION";
  • Russia/ USA projects for 1994 - 1997 : "MIR - SHUTTLE", "MIR - NASA", "ALPHA";
  • Russia/ France project "Kassiope".

The Institute collaborates with leading scientific-research institutions in Russia and such foreign countries as Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, India, China, Cuba, Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, and Japan. At present scientific technological co-operation is continuing with several foreign countries within multinational space projects with the USA, France, Austria, Netherlands and other country-members of the European Space Agency.
The Institute is glad and ready to expend national and international contacts in all trends of its activity with interested partners.



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