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The school was founded in 1906 when classes a the newly founded the Medical Faculty of the Moscow High Women's Courses were started. In 1930 it was transformed into the 2nd Moscow State Medical Institute. On the 5th of November 1991, be the edict of the Government of the Russian Federation it was reorganized into the Moscow State Medical University. During its more than 90-year history, the University has made many changes as far as the school's structure, contents of curriculum and teaching trends are concerned, while maintaining high quality of training for medical students and doctors in the main academic disciplines.

Today Russian State Medical University is a complex of buildings designed for practical classes, lectures, laboratory studies, library, research work and auxiliary services, covering a total area of 1,119 thousand square meters and including a students' township "Medik", located near the study buildings. It consists of four hotel-type buildings with a dining hall (total area - 42000 sq. m.). Accommodation at the student hostels is provided for all out-of-town students.
The leading divisions of the University are Medical faculty, Pediatric faculty, Bio-Medical faculty, and facultiy of postgraduate studies. The Pediatric faculty of the University, which was founded in 1930, was the first pediatric faculty in the world. The faculties include 115 academic departments. Russian State Medical University has very close link with practical medicine. The University has access to more than 70 specialized clinics, hospitals and other institutions of preventive and clinical medicine with more than 19,000 beds. Here medical students get extensive clinical training under the supervision of experienced clinicians. Staff of the University includes over 30 academicians and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, and Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, 24 State Prize-Winners, 8 merited scientists of Russian Federation. In 1997 the University opened a new English language Department of the Medical faculty to give the students an opportunity to avoid one-year study at preparatory courses.
Annually about 7000 students from Russia and foreign countries study at the University.
The Russian State Medical University has gained considerable experience in the foreign students training. Since 1960 over 2000 specialists from more than 80 countries have been trained there. During the recent years, the number of the international students has increased to over 580. All the students are provided with the hostel accommodation located in ten minutes walk from the University. The University's long experience in training of foreign specialists, highly qualified teaching staff and modern facilities - all guarantee high level of theoretical and practical training to the students of the University.

University fees for 2008/09 academic year


Course duration,
academic year

Tuition fee, Euro/ year
(not including accommodation)

Foundation (preparatory course)



Graduate programs
Medicine, Russian medium





Medicine, English medium



Dentistry, Russian medium



Pharmacy, Russian medium



Postgraduate programs clinical residency








Ph D study




The fees are announced in local currency (Russian Rouble) and calculated into Euro in spring. Therefore the real payment may differ a bit from fees mentioned above (depends on Rouble/Euro ratio of exchange at the time of payment).
The hostel fee is Euro 900/ year (accommodation in double or triple room in a hostel nearby the university).
The costs of the Life & Health insurance (Euro 120 per year) are to be paid separately.



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